201 Killer Cover Letters

“Resume Room leader and author Sandra Podesta delivers the unbeatable edge you need in a fiercely competitive job market.”



“Everyone should do this. It’s the perfect jumpstart. Not only is my resume much, much stronger, I’m so motivated and enthusiastic, I want to run out and apply for jobs right now!”
— Martha C., Fund Raising Executive



Why should I choose Resume Room?

Because we're different from other resume services -- and that has made a big difference to the jobhunters we've helped land jobs! Our marketing background equips us to identify the unique combination of traits, experience and accomplishments that sets each person apart from his or her competitors. Then, we present that information in an appealing, often irresistible, way. As a result, hiring managers focus quickly on the benefits that candidate can bring to their organization.

What's more, we connect with you live and in real time. Unike other services that ask you to complete and form and send it in, we talk with you directly, ask questions and listen to your answers. Writing about yourself is tough; that's why we tlake the time to get to know you and help you present the very best you have to offer. That's how we've operated for more than 20 years and it's effective. Those we work with get responses, land interviews and receive the job offers they want. And thanks for noticing how unique we are — that's how we make you appear!

How do I connect to Resume Room?

We e-mail you an invitation that includes a link to easy-to-use video teleconferencing technology. Ten minutes before the workshop begins, simply click on the link to log in. Once it's underway, you'll see everything we do right on your computer screen. To converse, you can use your computer speakers or dial in by telephone.

Will this help me get a job?

If you choose to implement the suggestions we offer, we believe you will be working towards making your resume clearer and stronger.  Keep in mind, however, that we are not recruiters, nor do we hire or network on your behalf so we cannot guarantee that you will get a job as a result of our Resume Room. 

Can you help me prepare for my interview?

Naturally! In order to create a winning resume for you, we become very familiar with your strengths, talents and achievements as well as your overall career trajectory. That means we can help you strategize and practice the ideal way to portray yourself in an interview -- and that makes a significant difference in your presentation and confidence just when it matters most.

Can you help me with my cover letter?

We offer vital tips on creating killer cover letters that grab attention and work ideally with your resume. For step-by-step instruction on composing killer cover letters — along with 201 samples on CD-ROM, use this link to purchase workshop leader Sandra Podesta's book 201 Killer Cover Letters. 

Why do you charge by the hour?

To keep your costs down. In today's economy, everyone wants to spend smart and save whenever possible. That means staying in control of your expenses. When we work together, you are the one to determine how much time and money you wish to spend. Here's how it works: before we connect online, we put in several hours doing a substantial amount of work on your resume. Once we "go live" with you, we're finetuning -- asking questions to explore the specifics of your contributions, adding details only you can provide, getting your feedback to ensure the resume looks and sounds the way you prefer. Typically, at the end of the hour, we're done! If not, we can guide you through the last few items on your own or schedule another hour if you'd like us to finish, even tackling your cover letter in any time that remains. Either way you choose, you're in charge!