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Staying Motivated in a Stressful Job Search: Part One
Secret #1: You DO Have the Power! 
10 Steps You Can Take Now to Speed Your Search

September 29, 2010    In any job search - but especially today - we all have times when we feel powerless. It seems as though everyone else is in control of our destiny. We keep constant watch on our inbox for responses to resumes. We wait endlessly for calls to schedule interviews. We anticipate offers that just don't come through. It's no wonder many people have stopped looking. Don't give up! You have more CONTROL than you realize. Here are 10 easy steps you can take to keep your energy level up and speed your search forward to a successful conclusion. 

Staying Motivated in a Stressful Job Search: Part Two
Secret #2: Networking-Still the Best Strategy 
5 Easy Steps That Work!

November 23, 2010    Part Two in our series on staying motivated in your search delivers five often-overlooked, but incredibly easy-to-implement networking ideas even shy jobhunters will appreciate -- along with real-life examples from actual Resume Room clients for whom they have worked wonders! Keeping your energy up can be tough but these valuable pointers make it easy and productive to stay in touch with those who can put you front and center with the real behind-the-scenes decision makers. 

Staying Motivated in a Stressful Job Search: Part Three
Secret #3: Experiment with Change 
(Especially With Ideas from Expert Sources!)

January 11, 2011    Part Three in our series on staying motivated in your search answers the question, "If you are one in a million (and you are!) why are you still searching for a job?" It provides easy-to-apply tactics for keeping your energy level up and ensuring that your resume gets noticed, no matter how many others it competes with for attention. 

Bragging 101: The Big Three
The Top Three Elements Every Resume Has to Have...But Very Few Do!

August 12, 2009    Writing about yourself is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks you'll ever face. How can you be certain that you've included everything important, excluded anything irrelevant and presented yourself in the most flattering and strategic way? For starters, keep in mind that there are three vital elements to an effective resume. As you write, edit, rewrite, edit, polish, edit, print and hit send, keep in mind "The Big Three." 

Formatting First!
#1 of The Big Three: The Top Three Elements Every Resume Must Have...and Very Few Do!

August 29, 2009 When you're writing your resume, both the stakes and pressure are high. My goal is to help relieve the help you relax and feel confident in the knowledge that your resume includes the best of your talents, strengths and accomplishments and that it excludes anything that distracts from these, presenting you in the most positive, professional way.    

Content is Critical
#2 of The Big Three: The Top Three Elements Every Resume Must Have...and Very Few Do!! 

October 13, 2009    Choose wisely what to include and exclude from your resume because it determines how recruiters and hiring managers will perceive you. Use your resume to convince them that you - and you alone - can deliver a rare mix of qualities, mastery and proven success that will make a critical and positive difference to their firm. Use it to paint a portrait of someone who will be an ideal fit, instantly productive, integral to the organization's future prosperity.

How to Create the Perfect Profile
#3 of The Big Three: The Top Three Elements Every Resume Must Have...and Very Few Do!!

November 18, 2009     The job search can be frustrating, no doubt about it. Often, it seems out of your control. But there is good news! You have more control than you think over how you are perceived by recruiters, employers, human resource personnel and those with whom you network. That's because they forge a perception of you based on the information you choose to present in your resume and cover letter. 

The Resume Debate: Are Resumes Obsolete?

July 28, 2009    It's hard to believe but people are, indeed, debating whether or not a resume is necessary in today's job search. So what's the alternative? Those who suggest forgoing a resume point to the Video Resume as a more modern option. Some recommend posting complete profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook -- and then using these, along with sites like Twitter, to make connections that will lead to a job. Let's take a closer look at the issues involved...   

Free To Change!

July 4, 2009    When it comes to your resume (and cover letter) there are plenty of small changes you can experiment with to improve your results.  

Ready, Aim, On Fire!
Predictions Plus Predictability Create Opportunity for Savvy Jobhunters

September 14, 2009     Here's a nice surprise. The lead article in this past weekend's Wall Street Journal bore the headline: Economic Confidence Rebounds. Whether it's true or not remains to be seen. But... 

The ABCs of Interview Prep
3 Essential (and Easy) Steps to Take Before Your Next Job Interview

May 19, 2010    Well crafted, your resume and cover letter get you in the door. Next is the interview. Advance preparation can help assure that you plant your foot firmly through that door...and not in your mouth! 

5 Steps to Take Today to Speed Your Job Search
What the Labor Report Means to You: The Good The Bad and the Action to Take Right Now

February 10, 2010    The U.S. Department of Labor's January 2010 employment report is full of data. Some good, some bad, some conflicting, some confusing. A closer look inspires strategies you can implement right now to help you in your job search. 

Don't Let Competition Dampen Your Energy
How, Why and Where to Marshall Motivation to Your Advantage in the Job Search

January 26, 2010    Where there's a job posting, there's a company about to hire someone. Why not you? Here's inspiration for everyone new to the job search...or frustrated by it: 

Calling All College Graduates!
Congratulations! Now What?

March 29, 2010    How to compete against more seasoned jobhunters in today's tough economy? Here are some tips to help present yourself as a candidate bursting with experience and maturity.