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July 28, 2009

The Resume Debate:

Are Resumes Obsolete?

It's hard to believe but people are, indeed, debating whether or not a resume is necessary in today's job search.

So what's the alternative?  Those who suggest forgoing a resume point to the Video Resume as a more modern option.  Some recommend posting complete profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook -- and then using these, along with sites like Twitter, to make connections that will lead to a job. 

Let's take a closer look at the issues involved:   

  • Power in Numbers -- The majority of career coaches, recruiters, headhunters, human resource managers, placement firms and business owners require resumes -- even if only for their records.  As online options expand this may change, but for now, if they ask for it, you must provide it.  
  • Look Who's Asking -- Not to mention, a sizeable number of those placing and hiring are "baby boomers" who are far from ready to abandon this career fundamental for its less familiar electronic counterpart.  Let's not throw the baby boomer out with the bathwater, though.  Boomers are indisputably techno-savvy so supplementing your resume with profiles on social networking sites makes sense.  Sending a Video Interview is another option (more on this in upcoming issues.)
  • Hold that Thought -- Video Resumes offer employers several benefits.  They serve as an instant, virtual preview of how you present yourself.  They can eliminate the time and expense of a face-to-face live interview.  They can help reduce a large, unwieldy applicant pool to a manageable size.  Advantages like these suggest it won't be long before the Video Resume becomes a staple of the job search.

The Bottom Line:  Social networking sites are ideal for making connections that can prove vital to your search.  Given the benefits the Video Resume delivers, you can count on its popularity to grow.  If you enjoy experimenting...if you think of yourself as "cutting edge"...if you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, give it a shot! 

But, by all means, be certain you're ready to hit "SEND" on your non-video resume because the vast majority of recruiters and employers still expect one.  And, of course, you can rely on us to help you make it strong, captivating, impressive, focused and effective!