“My new resume was instrumental in landing a great job right away! You really helped me balance my college coursework, internships and summer jobs and make them all sound impressive. The profile you wrote describes my abilities and strengths perfectly. I don’t think I could have written that myself. And the whole thing was so easy!”
— Brooks B., Gonzaga University

“Amazing.  I didn't know how to make my summer jobs and class studies relate to the business world but Sandra did.  My resume looks fantastic and it was fun working with her! Good thing she coached me on meeting with people, too, because the resume is really helping me network and land interviews. My advice?  Stop procrastinating and sign up now!”
— Ed T., Dartmouth College

"I could not have asked for a better experience, I had a lot to put on my resume but needed to make information concise and understandable for potential employers. Sandra was able to streamline the information into a short but comprehensive document that emphasized my educational background and professional work experiences in the field. As a prospective professional in the field of education and mental health, I will work with Sandra to enhance my resume even more in the near future!"
-Justin P., Southern Connecticut State University

More testimonials

More testimonials

Resume Strategies for Students and Graduates

Sandra Podesta

Launching your career? Looking for a summer gig, part-time job or internship?

#1 MUST-HAVE: A Killer Resume that gives you an edge over other candidates –- and now,
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Here's the 1-2-3:

  1. Choose a convenient date and time – all we need is an hour!
  2. I'll e-mail you a login link to click and connect. Then, watch on your computer screen as I transform your resume right before your eyes! To chat and provide input, use your computer speakers or phone.
  3. You’ll receive your customized resume by return e-mail, ready to send out at once!

Getting Started

Use the form on this page to get in touch. I'll get right back to you and soon, you’ll have an important advantage no other resume service can deliver: a private, one-on-one session with a resume expert, author of 201 Killer Cover Letters and savvy advertising exec skilled at selling in a market overcrowded with options. You’ll find, as so many other students and grads already have, that Resume Room is quick, easy, convenient and affordable.
Plus, it WORKS! So you can, too!

A Personal Note for Graduates:

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to reach this exciting moment. Now it’s here and you’re excited, (exhausted), exhilarated and maybe a bit nervous about landing a job in today’s economy. Yes, it’s tough. The truth is that there are job openings, just not enough for each and every college graduate. That’s why it’s important to be aware of your own special gifts, that unique blend of talents, strengths, experiences you -- and YOU alone -- can offer. That's precisely what I’ll help you present in your resume. So that when hiring managers skim it (we can’t count on more than a 30-second glance) they see instantly an appealing candidate who possesses relevant knowledge, abilities and energy. They see someone interesting, who might fit the job description ideally, someone certainly worth interviewing.

There may not be enough jobs to go around but anywhere there's a job posting, there's a job. SO LET'S MAKE SURE YOU GET IT! And that's precisely what’s happening with Resume Room clients. They’re networking successfully, scheduling interviews, getting offers, landing jobs. LET’S MAKE SURE YOU ARE TOO!

Tegoether, we'll be certain you've got a a killer resume that:

  • Grabs attention right away.
  • Showcases your skills, strengths, talents, relevant coursework, GPA. (Or divert attention to other key points.)
  • Highlights your achievements from previous jobs, volunteer work, clubs, social organizations, travel and other experiences.
  • Presents your unique blend of talents in a way that’s meaningful to employers.
  • Ensures a clear, compelling message at-a-glance.

You'll find that only Resume Room is:

  • Easy – it’s live, in real-time…not a software program.
  • Customized – we connect one-on-one to focus solely on YOU…no cookie cutter templates.
  • Valuable – you work directly with an experienced pro…no trainees.
  • Affordable – prices start at $189.99 and Gift Certificates are available (great hint for graduation presents!)